Eurozápisník IV. Or Löw’s proven, untested Marionette

In the well-known song of the group The Silent Saying of a Dreaming Marionette, in German, it is always the dream of the first person who is responsible for choosing the most suitable puppet for his performance. Yesterday, his name Götz was given a predominantly Maria Gomez name – in a turn that reminded too much of the start of the world championship…

The Germans certainly did not perform poorly and, like two years ago, However, the situation at the very top of their layout again calls for a solution.This time we are not close to concluding that the Germans would be well adapted to the game with no classical tip.

If we do not count Poland, which has played against the retracted coach, the most dominant performance of the tournament so far has shown more Croats who scored both in defensive and offensive.

Before we start analyzing all three matches, allow me to recall the essence of one of the pillars of this format in the Eurobook: a table with three distinct characters in each match.

Inside the right edge you will find the best player of the match according to the statistic server reason for using it is obviously: we consider the database to be the most complex and therefore usually the best way to tell us about real performance.

So then you do not have to go to the page yourself, we just cracked for you the statistical boxes The soccer star’s symbolic star has probably been the biggest contributor.

We are now following our pure choice of heroes and renegades, and we have privately asked to never interfere with WhoScored and select as many as possible for you. P>

1) The Turks in the second half simply collapsed. In the first part, an extremely balanced match was played, the tactical aspect perhaps the best one ever in the championship.Both teams were compact at all stages of the game, resulting in an absolute lack of space and time for offensive players. Of course, this was signed on the game board – for example, neither of the teams did choose to take short passes from the goalkeeper and risk the possibility of a loss – instead of flying balloons almost exclusively in the air.

Also, Errors, which may have the impression that players are really not in the ideal form. The truth, however, is that it is quite difficult to show excellent performance when you are almost constantly under pressure. The few chances that the first half brought, therefore came primarily through attacks on the sides and centered balls, or through a glimpse of extraordinary individual quality.There was something like this for Modrik only.

Of course, the Turks forced to change the game plan. In their case, however, this adaptation did not do any good, as their national team completely lost the game discipline in the second half. It was great to see the game of the reserve line, which suddenly stopped honestly working backwards – Croatia has opened a valuable space between the reserve and defense line of the opponent, which their immediate advantage immediately used. Paradoxically, the Turks did not draw their pressure, their defensive plan almost did not change, that is, some players stopped showing interest in the defensive dimension of their roles.For example, in the second half Croatia has created much more 1-on-1 situations at the edge of the pitch, which documented the imperfect defensive work of the extreme midfielder – we could watch several times as they completely dropped such situations when the ball got behind them. In this aspect it was the first and the second two different worlds.

2) Croatia is currently the best team in the tournament. We could really make Croatia’s performance with calm conscience as the best ever in the championship. Srna et al.They showed great maturity in both the offensive and the defensive phase.

For their gameplay, I would like to highlight, for example, the complete zonal orientation of the entire four-quadruples. It often happens that the extreme midfielder does not move according to the position of the ball, but only defends the extreme defender from the opponent’s team. But this was not the case of Croatia, whose left-wingers always helped to close the middle of the field (therefore it was probably the first midfielder Brozović who used the wing instead of the originally expected Pjacy wings).

This system is, of course, more susceptible to frequent and fast Rotation of the game, as there are looser spaces on the edges that an opponent can use.Despite that, the Turkish national team was unable to use this potential weakness, as it was in great difficulty at the transition stage. If there was a quick turn of the game, the cooperation between the extreme defender and the midfielder was quite satisfactory. At such a moment, the beac stepped against the player on which the diagonal pass was directed while the extreme midfielder pulled and filled the space between the beech and the stoper. An example of a well-managed situation of this type can be the situation from the set time of the first half, when Perišić drew in time between the stopper and the beka and kicked the ball to the corner kick. Another positive feature of the Croatian game was their re-presinking Triggered immediately after losing the ball.This mode of play was relatively effective against Turkey, and in the second half of the game it was in some passages pinned to its own half. For a successful re-pushing, in addition to quick reactions to the loss of the ball, it is also necessary to place the players correctly in an assault effort that has consistently been kept by the Croats.

3) Fatih Terim must be brutally involved in Turkish sterility. Great disappointment was the offensive attempt of the Turkish unit.It is quite typical for the Turks that they do not try to make a quick counterattack (almost no one is taking an immediate start), instead it immediately hinders the game and tries to make a gradual start-but this trend has also made Croatian pressure so effective. >

Their start has shrunk over time to the usual long balls forward on a single attacker, while in the offensive third they concentrate exclusively on traditional balloons centered on the penalty area of ​​the opponent.

The most striking in this direction was That the Turkish game conception did not know any changes – one would expect that with the approaching end of the encounter they would risk more, sending more players forward, but that did not happen.Turkish players were in a bad position if we think that using the balls to be kicked is not the most important element to win the first personal match but to capture the reflected ball, which then allows the team to further develop offensive action. But even in the last ten minutes, Turkey’s main attacker was totally alone, with the rest of his teammates still holding positions in front of Croatia’s reserve line. It was no wonder that no final pressure was done.

1) The Poles entered the game as a hurricane, but the weaknesses of their opponents nevertheless made so much use. The first 10-15 minutes offered the most singular spectacle you can imagine.The three North O’Clockers were basically stunned next to each other, and in this particular interval they barely left the space in front of the little lime. Poland at first glance dominated every corner of the pitch and the opponent did not touch the balloon at all. Such a description of the forces of power will surely give rise to respect, but in a way, it can be said at the same time that the Northern Irish were the Poles only sporadically compelled to leave their own comfort zone. During the first 45 minutes, whitewashing may have produced 24 cents, but poor three of them found their recipient.This is a very desperate statistic, of which especially Manchester United fans had to get up on all the hairs on the Moyes era with horror.

As time went on, it seemed to the Poles that the Northern Irish were by far the easiest to catch on the ground , And even better in the pockets that were created between the two end stoppers and beakers. These spaces were able to use Blaszczykowski, who helped with a goal from that point, to young Kapustka, who apparently had to pay more attention to the midfielders before the pause (there is still a tendency for the Poles to overload the Dortmund right side).As for the midfielders, there may be a shame that Zieliński was not getting the chance at this match, because if he could make a difference in the offensive besides Krychowiak, without even risking Nawałka to the back, it was just yesterday when the center A field for Northern Iria did not exist…

2) The Northern Iry knows where their strength lies and fixes themselves to an unhealthy way. Northern Irish will not have fun, it’s clear after yesterday. But was it really someone from the team whose biggest support – and slowly the best-known companies in the squad – are at the heart of the back line?Jonny Evans, Gareth McAuley and Craig Cathcart this year belonged to the sting defensive series of competent Premier League clubs and confirmed their quality this time (perhaps with the exception of the relatively weak Cathcart). At the same time, however, Michael O’Neill, if not the whole team, tends to bind his hands. Everyone as if they were relying on this certain troika in things that others should take care of.This is primarily the case when the left wing bek, often in a promising starting position, ignored more interesting variants and shifted the ball back to Evans, who had apparently 95 per cent of the North West unibet bonus pass.

Such a reality naturally is far from the ideal (and the Russians with a protagonist in Ignausevich suffered a similar malady, just after O’Neill’s party, the one who showed the second smallest number of pieces) – and sorry the more, That the Northern Ireland is captained by Steven Davis, one of the least respected playmakers of the English Supreme Competition.His person has been systematically skipped in the making of the attacks, which I consider to be one of the reasons why O’Neill should definitely not have to try out with the only one, but to add him either from Washington or Grigge from the beginning. >

3) Lewandowski has experienced a frustrating performance, but to what extent did the Poles find a terrible finding? Rather into none but some. First of all, it is clear that Northern Ireland has provided a somewhat unrepeatable experience in this direction – from the start to the match, four horsemen with the clear task of the Polish tahoun have doubled, or treaded, for which no other trainer could easily catch up.And secondly, he certainly does not do that because O’Neill’s strategy was not so successful.

Surely, Lewandowski did not even shoot and frustrated in the air, but Arkadiusz Milik had well-tuned sights, after 15 minutes there was nothing to solve. Moreover, what might have been a little remembered after the final whistle is that when Lewandowski was pulled down into the field and not too deeply (where Milik would normally be operating), he became an unexpected creative force – he drew up three key Passes and at least two first or second assistances could make him fall out of it.Against Euro 2012, Lewandowski did not appear to be a 100% frustrated figure, but he managed to adapt to a certain extent, and this is also important detail for Polish fans due to the elimination phase. Although Lewandowski’s owners in Fantasy Football will probably not agree…


1) Why, Jogi, why are you just doing us? And why are you doing Gomez? This tournament on paper promised the possibility of a renaissance of the role of the classic nine, with its ‚tahouny‘ being previously experimental selections – Spain with Morata and Aduriz and Germany with Maria Gomez. Joachim Löw, however, started the asshole in the back for the start of the canonist Besiktas.After a great season, he did not give him a minute of space yesterday, while the Gotz-Müller pair, as he did at the start of the MS, was leaving the position of a fake „fake nine“ (because it looked like a free cluster of offensive players without any roles). It would not be surprising if he had done so before, but that can not be said. In Brazil, a similar set-up was resumed immediately after two matches, with a qualifying ride with Götz (as it did) on the tip rather than a replication at the highest level.

And yesterday’s result did not really work well .Müller may have given his weakest performance to a big international event where the Germans traditionally dragged and Götze was somehow ‚no‘ – he was again in a mood that he could patent at least in the jersey (along with Özile). There is no need to emphasize here twice that if Nationalelf is too far away in this championship, Müller and his closest aides will need a much higher level.And there is a solid assumption that such a situation will not be achieved again without Löw dropping his plan A during the championship, which would be a really quaint déjà.

By the way, a poor or at best inconspicuous game of attackers is so far A remarkably perfect match point for each match (see Zozulja on the other hand today), as well as any favorite performances in the course of the Euro. Even the better-looking manchafts could not rely on their most powerful jumpers to the extent that their pilots themselves dreamed of before the excavation.Croats, Germans, Poles and the English may have some positive feedback from their opening speeches, but Manzukić, Götz (who has been operating more often on Wednesday), Lewandowski and Kane for various – and for various reasons – in the list of plus They will not be.

2) The Ukrainians have shown the potential, no doubt, but they have lived together for a short while. First of all, I have to apologize to my coach Mychai Fomenka. I was expecting a few things from the qualifiers on the basis of a few deadly qualities, not just trying to get the Germans to their knees, but it was a great success for the Ukrainians from the 25th minute until the end of the first act.Mustafi and Höwedes had occasional breakdowns with Eastern Europeans, but Jarmolenko, after a nervous start, then together with Konopljanka and the tall, powerful, moving Sydorčuk and Kovalenk, crowded the audience with loud doubts over the general tournament The prospects of the troubled Germans.

Specially, Sydorchuk surprised himself – he is obviously handsome and enjoys the ‚crunching‘, so he will be able to create an extremely confident situation or even renumbering for the opponent. Only 20-year-old Kovalenko went down quickly after the break, but here is a good promise, at least, that he was replaced by even younger and also attacking Zinčenko.So, at the start of the Ukrainian mission, it seems that the repetition of the common reality from the preparatory games, when Fomenko did not have the problem to build up three shields, is no longer here in France. Which is only good for a neutral viewer.

What, on the contrary, does not encourage optimism, is the Ukrainian situation on the street. While we had a ton of resolve and talent to make up for a dangerous counterattack last night, adequate support from the extreme defenders was desperate for the Ukrainians – and could quite easily be labeled as the cause of the resulting scoring score.Fedecky had too much work with his rivals (he played the boldest of Hector’s lyrics, and Kroos, Ozil…), who partly apologizes to him, but 37-year-old Shevchuk deserves a regular posture. Höwedes put him in the first half several times in excellent positions, but still the veteran could not produce even a single pass leading to the end. Just after Fedec (who did not even half his passports), Ševčuk eloquently portrayed the least precise balloon distributor.

3) The Germans settled perfectly after the break, and due to it can especially be a flawless pair of Kroos – Khedira. The Germans, following the change of sides, was a good example of improving gameplay under the baton of extraordinary individuals, not so much a trainer.First of all, it is fair to say that Höwedes was much more alert after the turn and that he did not run too much (plus Müller improved defensive support), but the main factor was at certain times the pure, perfectly complex dominance of the central tandem Kroos-Khedira. The first named team had his fingers crossed in eight goals in his team (he shot himself three times) creating his own tournament maximum, with his colleague also dangerously burning and completing more than 90% of his wins (three percent less than real Real) . Together, Khedira and Kroos have shown that Löw has a treasure in them, what about the situation on the pitch.In Khediro’s position, a slower thinking player would often come to the ball, but the Juventus midfielder, often under pressure, drew up the passports that gave them a partial renumbering. A Kroos? He appeared as the rector of Xabi College of Dispatcher Arts. In the finals, the Germans after the pause had a really sovereign impression when, in essence, 100% of the run-of-the-mill formulas were realized with 100% accuracy.